The Best and Worst of OBD Mafia XVII (Slayers)

OBD Mafia XVII was based on a series near and dear to my heart, as you will probably guess by looking at some other entries on this blog: Slayers.

Slayers OBD Mafia

So I’m here to share the best and worst of this mafia game, and boy were there a lot of bumps along this game.

Maximum Trolling:

The game started off with a bang on day 1 (literally). Saturno was playing the role of courtesy lynch, but, in his role as Deep Sea Dolphin, role revealed the ring leader of that lynch, Fang, as Chaos Dragon Garv.

And yet, despite this outing, the lynch train went for Saturno anyway. Say goodbye to one of the town’s strongest roles. It was only the beginning of some serious towning.

Humorously enough, Fang was not targeted for death during the first night phase either. It took the next day phase, with an overwhelming 24 lynch votes, to off him.

For his amusing antics, Fang was an honorable mention to the game’s MVP award.

Maximum Towning:

The game’s first few phases were indicative of the overall tone of the Slayers mafia, because the town’s vigilantes and lynch votes were self-defeating. Although the loss of Fang very early on and overall inactifagging made the Garv mafia ineffective and a non-force in the game from the beginning, the Slayers mafia, with DarkTorrent leading the charge as Gourry Gabriev (even though he’s an idiot in the actual show), dominated from the getgo. The town was simply outplayed, manipulated, and killing themselves, while the Slayers mafia was largely intact almost to the very end.

Distracted, as Naga the Serpent, quickly joined the team to bolster their ranks, and the town was getting so frustrated that people like iwandesu were taking to strategizing during the night phase, though such posts were quickly arranged to be deleted by your humble moderator in the role of the Lord of Nightmares.

Rezo (Hyperion1O1) was killed early, but resurrected by TehChron in the role of Huraker, who had possessed Sylphiel (Nostalgiafan). However, both TehChron and Qinglong (Riskfalto), were killed in one phase, and Rezo, who was discovered by the Slayers mafia, was the target of repeated roleblocks that prevented him from using his Restore ability to rewind phases. He was eventually Dragon Slave-ed and killed off for good.

TehChron showed good detective work through his time in the game, and for that, he was an honorable mention for the MVP award.

Hachibi, in the role of Zanffar, was also killed off, and Gig, in the role of Hellmaster Phibrizzo, did not target the right people, even with his very powerful abilities, making him a detriment rather than a use to the town.

All things looked good for the Slayers mafia until…

The Biggest Fuckup I’ve Ever Seen in a Mafia Game:

Nostalgiafan, in violation of two very important of Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power (Law 4: Always Say Less than Necessary and Law 29: Plan All the Way to the End), thought that the game was over (even though Hellmaster was still alive, among others) and said that “it was time for the Slayers to reveal themselves and rise up.”

Persecuted (Zelgadiss) followed Nostalgiafan’s lead and voted with him to lynch xenos5. The remaining mafia got scared and voted to lynch Persecuted, because they all knew Nostalgiafan would get killed by me for his role reveal.

Had the mafia went all in and voted to lynch xenos5, they would have gotten the job done and won the game eventually, but they were spooked, and rightly so.

Had Cooler, in the role of Lina Inverse, Dragon Slave-ed xenos5 (Zuma) and then Giga Slave-ed Gig in the next night phase, the mafia also would have won.

Instead, Cooler Giga Slave-ed Gig, for understandable reasons, during that day, but this exhausted himself. He was sure to die in the next night phase, and DarkTorrent, who had already been outed, would be lynched the next day.

Thus, the mafia lost a game they were sure to win.

Nostalgiafan was awarded the LVP for this game and every mafia game I’ve ever hosted or played in.

DarkTorrent won the MVP, because even though his faction did not win, it was by fluke, and he was the dominant player in the game.

Happy Thanksgiving!