The Best and Worst of OBD Mafia XV

With the ongoing shitstorm that is Dragon Ball Super (which you may be able to watch for free right here on the OBD Wiki at the Watch page), yours truly decided that it would be better to take some of this energy and play a mafia game with it, based on our beloved Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Z OBD Mafia XV

I also created a trailer for the game on our new OBD Channel:

The actual game was amusing and memorable. It was certainly a good, non-terrible shot in the arm for the section. The grand summing up post can be found here.

First, here was the list of players and their roles:

1. xenos5 – Yamcha
2. Cooler – Vegeta
3. iwandesu – Goku
4. Hachibi – Tien
5. Qinglong – Elder Kai
6. Brightsteel – Frieza
7. Cubey – Beerus
8. Crimson King – Cell
9. Reznor – Dabura
10. kulang – King Cold
11. Hyperion101 – Dr. Gero
12. Dudebro – Android 16
13. Ultimate Deathsaurer – Captain Ginyu
14. Fang – Babidi
15. Mexikorn – Android 18
16. NostalgiaFan – Trunks
17. DarkTorrent – Dende
18. Vivi Orniter – Android 17
19. Byrd – Chaozu
20. Gig – Kibito Kai
21. Samavarti – Krillin
22. Ryo Asuka – Whis
23. Darth Nihilus – Guldo
24. Nighty – Goten
25. ironherc – Gohan
26. MAPSK – Piccolo
27. SkylineGTR – Buu
28. Kurou – Burter
29. Lucaniel – Android 19
30. Zezima – Jeice
31. AgentAAA – Recoome
32. Giverobert20dollars – Future Trunks

The MVP of the game was Qinglong, who, despite having one of the weakest roles in the game as the Elder Kai, used it to perfection, rallying the town to victory.

The LVP was shared by the entirety of the Planet Trade Organization, the Frieza faction. Even though many veteran players and OBD regulars were amongst its ranks, including Darth Nihilus, Ultimate Deathsaurer, and Kurou, there was no coordination in the early going, with two inactifags – Saturno/Zezima and kluang. This led to a decimation from which they would never recover.

“Brightsteel Aim:”

OBD Mafia XV was Brightsteel’s first mafia game, and he took unilateral actions on his own, despite his role as Frieza. He did not coordinate with his faction.

To give the guy some charity, about half of the characters in the game were stronger than him, but he went off half-cocked, not taking advantage of Nihilus’ time stop and seeming to aim for Nostalgiafan (Trunks) for arbitrary reasons. Since Trunks was stronger (Frieza was not allowed his Golden Form since I created this game before Resurrection of F), the attack failed. An attack in the second night phase against Nighty, coincidentally Goten, also failed – especially since Nighty and Nostalgiafan fused to form Gotenks and quickly retaliated against Brightsteel.

Thus ended Brightsteel.

The second full day-night phase was a brilliant play on Nighty’s part, saving Nostalgiafan from a gathering lynch storm (Ryo Asuka as Whis, the game’s strongest character, was lynched instead) and then decapitating the Planet Trade Organization. Though Nighty was killed on night three, her actions won her an honorable mention for MVP at the end of the game, and Brightsteel aim went down in the lexicon.

The Troll, Crimson King:

How fitting was it that Crimson King, as Imperfect/Semi-Perfect Cell, would play the part of the perpetual thorn in the town’s side by sticking under the radar?

Despite the fact that Android 18 (Mexikorn) was killed on night 3, Crimson King stayed in the game all the way to the end, even absorbing Android 17 (Vivi Ornitier) in the process.

The surviving Planet Trade Organization members knew who he was, and Hyperion1O1 couldn’t believe the town didn’t see, but the town is always gonna town, nah mean?

For several phases in the late game, Crimson King’s death would have meant victory for the town, but he continued to stay alive while other mafias and townies dwindled. Like a cockroach, Crimson King just kept hiding and wouldn’t be seen until the end.

The Balls are Inert!:

Couldn’t resist.

Though no one was able to collect all the Dragon Balls, the Earthling-masons (Tien, Yamcha, Chaozu, and Krillin) came close, with four.

Yet on night 8, just as the game was starting to near its end, Goku (iwandesu) struck with a Genki Dama, killing Dende (DarkTorrent). Count four phases of charge time when Guldo (Nihilus) froze the game with his time stop on night 6. So iwandesu got his aim horribly, horribly, wrong, leading to many jokes among the survivors in that late phase.

Though “iwandesu aim” did not become a catchphrase, it was certainly a phenomenon.


The game played well, and it was great for activity. Some have described it as the best thread in the OBD in a long time. I’m proud of that, and it certainly helps the section.

I’ve tweaked the game a bit for whenever we play it again. Personally, I liked the character tiering, as it added a twist to the ever-labyrinthine game that is mafia, and I intend to use it for future games.

OBD Mafia XVI is currently ongoing, based on Samurai Deeper Kyo and hosted by Crimson King.