Falling Skies: Find Your Warrior

TNT’s Falling Skies is back, heralding this year’s iteration of what has become something of a summer ritual for me these past few years. I don’t watch much TV anymore, and Falling Skies is one of the exceptions to this rule. I’m a fan of the alien invasion genre (which is what induced me to try Freezing at around the same time this show first started, but let’s not get into that), so this show interested me. The overall quality is positive, but Falling Skies has been a mixed bag. The first season was intriguing, at least in the mystery portion, since no one knew what the aliens really were. The second season was the best, with more survival elements on a long journey. The third and fourth seasons were a bit meh (though the introduction of the Volm in the third was cool), as a large part of the mystery was gone by that point and there was not enough action or intrigue to make up for it. Some of the episodes were very good, but some others were only mediocre.

This season is Falling Skies‘ last. I’m hoping it will match up to the quality of the first two seasons. With the cliffhanger ending from last year, it was hard to predict what kind of start it would be off to. I was somewhat suspecting the introduction of yet another alien species, but this did not happen – at least not directly. This was a nice touch. The introduction of a lot of alien species threatened in season 3 to make the storyline a clusterfuck, but this season seems to be handling the introduction of a new species more subtly.

Tom Mason seems to have a special ability – he cannot be killed. The trope has gotten a bit old at this point. This is at least the fourth time he’s returned to the “2nd Mass” (odd that they still carry this name because they haven’t been based in Massachusetts since season 1) in a triumphant, miraculous, almost otherworldly fashion. He does seem to have a new gift this time though – an extra sensory perception that may have been granted to him by the mysterious new aliens. He correctly deduced the location of the Espheni overlord and proceeded to gun his ass down in a true gangster fashion. Tom is reaching a new level of bloodlust this season.

Falling Skies Find Your Warrior
We may see Falling Skies reach a whole new level of brutality this season…hopefully.

As far as feats go, what we saw at the end of season 4 turned out to be a reality at the start of season 5 – the Espheni power grid is down, and that means all of its war machine, even including the Skitters, are non-operational. The Skitters have taken to eating their own, though if there is an Espheni in the vicinity, they will act normal due to its telepathic control, which stretches out to a five mile radius.

Things obviously are looking up for the Earthlings at the start of season 5, but there’s no way this period of ease will last. It will be quite interesting to see what Falling Skies has up its sleeve for its final season. I imagine the show will try to go out with a bang, but whether or not it will be successful in doing so remains to be seen.

My overall impression of this week’s episode, “Find Your Warrior” is…

7/10 – Positive

Espheni Falling Skies OBD
Couldn’t find a gif of Tom blasting this sucker’s brains out unfortunately. You’ll have to be satisfied with this.
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